Paroex Recall

13 Jan 20210

The Food and Drug Administration has announced that Sunstar Americas, Inc. has expanded their recall of Paroex Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse USP, 0.12% due to contamination from the bacteria Burkholderia lata. The oral rinse was available by prescription, through healthcare professionals only, as part of a professional program for the treatme

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The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Electric Toothbrushes

18 Dec 20200

The easiest tip to help your teeth survive holiday sweets is an electric toothbrush. Keep candy canes, egg nog, and other sugar-loaded treats from wrecking you and your family’s mouth by gifting an electric toothbrush this year. It may be the most practical gift around and not only are you gifting a toothbrush, but a better smile every day. Check

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Tooth Sensitivity and Cold Weather – What Not To DO

4 Dec 20200

With cooler temperatures approaching Texas - It’s important to make sure your gums and tooth enamel are in tip-top shape. Typically, when your tooth’s enamel wears down a layer of your teeth is exposed that can become sensitive to temperature changes. In short, cold weather can make your teeth hurt. Exposing your teeth to hot or cold can cause

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The Best Dishes For Your Teeth This Thanksgiving

24 Nov 20200

The holiday season is almost here. With the passing of Halloween comes Thanksgiving. Whether you’re spending the holiday around the table with loved ones, or you’re having a small get together; a variety of food is sure to be present. From the main course of turkey, to the many, many, side dishes most do not consider how their Thanksgiving Day mea

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End the Year with a Healthier Mouth!

27 Oct 20200
Teeth Sensitivity

Don’t forget to use your remaining dental benefits this year! Unlike medical insurance, dental benefits often expire at the end of the year and start over again on Jan 1st. You’ve paid your premiums all year – don’t let the benefits you’ve earned disappear. While you’re making your holiday shopping and travel plans, make sure to schedule time for

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How To Keep Your Heart Healthy!

14 Aug 20200
Healthy Heart

This blog is an adaptation of a writing authored by Cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn, MD in an article titled: "The Widowmaker Death: What Every Exec Must Know” in Crain's Detroit Business. I believe this information applies to all adults aged 45 or older.  The Widowmaker is the first portion of the largest heart artery called the left anterior

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How to Clean and Disinfect Your iPhone, iPad or Smart Tablet

22 Jun 20200
Disinfect Your iPhone

Wondering how to clean and disinfect your iPhone, iPad or smart tablet? After all, these devices are some of the “dirtiest” things around our house and workplace. It is important to keep these devices clean and disinfected but who wants to damage their expensive iPhone 11 or iPad pro? While a doorknob is covered in 8,643 bacteria per square in

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Do I Need a Night Guard?

15 Jun 20200
Night guard

Night guards may help symptoms for some patients such as tooth/porcelain wear, muscle soreness and jaw joint tenderness (also known as TMJ). While night guards can sometimes help alleviate these symptoms, it does not correct the underlying cause. Often times the underlying cause may be treated by bite adjustments, dental restoration, orthodontics

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What We Are Doing to Keep You and Our Team Safe

1 Jun 20202

We are excited to have the opportunity to welcome you back! Our office has always utilized personal protective equipment (PPE) that has exceeded all the CDC guidelines, however, in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic we have instituted additional guidelines and protocols to ensure your safety.  You will see many changes, as we have new ways of

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