End the Year with a Healthier Mouth!

Don’t forget to use your remaining dental benefits this year! Unlike medical insurance, dental benefits often expire at the end of the year and start over again on Jan 1st. You’ve paid your premiums all year – don’t let the benefits you’ve earned disappear. While you’re making your holiday shopping and travel plans, make sure to schedule time for a quick visit with Dr. Cash and let us help you have a happy, healthy holiday mouth and to use the remaining benefits you’ve earned.

Save Time and Money

Don’t forfeit your valuable dental benefits at the end of the year! Take advantage of the deductible you’ve paid this year and save money on any needed treatments by using the remaining benefits on your plan. Whether you need preventative treatments or help developing a treatment plan, Dr. Cash will help you maximize your dental benefits and ensure you have the healthiest mouth possible. An end of the year visit can help you catch issues early AND save you money by utilizing the benefits you’ve already earned.

Protect Your Smile

During the excitement at the end of the year, it’s important to remember your preventative treatments. Exams, cleanings, and x-rays are covered in full by most insurance plans. If you haven’t been in to see Dr. Cash for your two annual appointments, then you have preventative treatments waiting to be used! Give us a call and we can help you schedule a cleaning and other preventative measures to ensure that you have a healthy, happy mouth.

Does your holiday smile need a boost? We can help you with a quick whitening or cosmetic procedure to ensure that you are looking and feeling your very best.

Get a jump on next year’s resolutions by making your dental health a priority now. Call us at 512-451-7577 to schedule an appointment and to discuss the remaining dental benefits on your plan.  

It’s not too late – Dr. Cash is here to help you have the healthy smile you deserve and to use the dental benefits you’ve earned this year!