End the Year with a Healthier Mouth!

27 Oct 20200
Healthier Mouth

Don’t forget to use your remaining dental benefits this year! Unlike medical insurance, dental benefits often expire at the end of the year and start over again on Jan 1st. You’ve paid your premiums all year – don’t let the benefits you’ve earned disappear. While you’re making your holiday shopping and travel plans, make sure to schedule time for

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How To Keep Your Heart Healthy!

14 Aug 20200
Healthy Heart

This blog is an adaptation of a writing authored by Cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn, MD in an article titled: "The Widowmaker Death: What Every Exec Must Know” in Crain's Detroit Business. I believe this information applies to all adults aged 45 or older.  The Widowmaker is the first portion of the largest heart artery called the left anterior

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Do I Need a Night Guard?

15 Jun 20200
Night guard

Night guards may help symptoms for some patients such as tooth/porcelain wear, muscle soreness and jaw joint tenderness (also known as TMJ). While night guards can sometimes help alleviate these symptoms, it does not correct the underlying cause. Often times the underlying cause may be treated by bite adjustments, dental restoration, orthodontics

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Dr. Gary Cash May Update

1 May 20200
Old Lady Brushing Teeth

It is our goal to stay in touch and provide useful information during this challenging time. Our office is currently recommending postponing nearly all dental procedures at the time of this blog entry. However, home care is more essential than ever for dental health and overall health. Many of our patients have had oral hygiene recommendations

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Take the Time to Brush Your Teeth

15 Apr 20200
mouth in four parts

Are you brushing your teeth for two minutes? Two minutes is much longer than it seems! Now more than ever, at-home dental prevention strategies are essential to dental health and overall health. Brushing morning and night for two minutes is something everyone should be doing. I challenge everyone to have a clock or a timer nearby the next time you

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The Damage (Green) Beer Can Cause Your Teeth

10 Mar 20200
Green Beer on St. Patrick's Day

One of the largest alcohol consumption days of the year is quickly approaching as everyone will get in touch with their inner Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. A handful of green foods will be served to mark the day, and if you’re drinking, this might include green beer, which is beer served with green food coloring in it. Dr. Cash is here to remind you

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3 Valentine’s Treats That Keep Your Smile Bright

14 Feb 20200
Valentine's Treats

Valentine’s Day is the first holiday of the year where high amounts of sweets and treats are purchased and consumed, not only by romantic partners, but by everyone. Every year, the average spending for Valentine’s Day continues to rise. In total, spending is expected to reach $27.4 billion, up 32% from 2019. On average, 58 million pounds of chocola

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4 Tips for Cavity Prevention over the Holiday

15 Dec 20190
Holiday Treats

Sweet treats, such as pies, chocolate, candy canes, and more are awaiting us this holiday season. That’s not a good sign for your oral or overall health as you might gain a new cavity in addition to a few pounds. Although delicious, sugary treats, are good at damaging teeth and gums. Here are a few ways to prevent cavities during the holiday season

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How Gum Disease Can Impact Your Health

15 Aug 20160
Dentist examination room with a yellow chair

Daily brushing and flossing can keep gum and periodontal disease at bay but for those that still suffer from Taking care of your teeth isn’t just about having a pearly white smile and pleasant breath.  There has been research proving a connection between your dental health and overall health.  Daily brushing and flossing can keep gum and periodo

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