Cosmetic Dentistry For Your Perfect Smile

22 Jan 20160

With the constant evolution of social media, people are becoming more concerned with their image and living up to the societal standards set by celebrities with their beautiful features and flawless teeth. Everyone wants to feel beautiful, and as a society, we are no longer satisfied with the results of brushing and flossing alone.Today, the av

8 Tips to Keep Your Breath Fresh this New Year’s Eve!

29 Dec 20150

Bad breath can be a buzzkill. As we prepare for the New Year and anticipate that big New Year’s Eve kiss, don’t let bad breath ruin your moment. We all fall victim to it every now and again, but there are a few simple tips you can follow to make sure your moment at midnight is everything you want it to be.These tips won’t just help you prepare

Five Tips for Clean Teeth During the Holidays

22 Dec 20150

“All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth . . . .”  Wouldn’t it be great if our children’s first thoughts for holiday gifts had to do with their teeth? Chances are good that it isn’t toothpaste and floss that are dancing in your children’s heads this December. All of us, adults and kids alike, are constantly being tempted with holiday treats

Bridge the Gap with Dental Bridges

23 Nov 20150

If you are missing teeth and want to improve your smile and self-confidence, a dental bridge may be the right choice for you.  Dental bridges not only restore your smile but can improve your life.  Bridges can make it easier to chew and speak.  They can even change the shape of your face and prevent you from having to endure orthodontia which will

The Ease of Family Dentistry

12 Nov 20150

How many different dentists does your family see?  Have you asked your friends and neighbors how many they see?  These days there are different dentists for infants, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. The American family is busier than ever and their afternoons are taken up by their children’s extracurricular activities as well as the p

Nine “Tricks” for Healthier “Treats”

26 Oct 20150

October is here and you know what that means . . . store shelves are lined with bags upon bags of candy for those expecting trick-or-treaters at the end of the month.  Whether you’re handing out the treats, sifting through your children’s candy or both, try these nine tricks to avoid any scary dental issues.Limit the candy to shortly after mea

Suffering from a Toothache? Know When to ask for Help

9 Oct 20150

Sometimes, nothing is more painful or bothersome than a toothache. Unfortunately, over-the-counter medicines don’t always help and can wear off quickly.  Many different circumstances can cause oral pain and it’s always better to get a professional opinion and diagnosis than to remain in pain that only worsens.  Your best bet is to make an appointme

Love Your Teeth!

28 Sep 20150

Do you love your pearly whites? Even when they are giving you trouble or pain? If you don’t now, hopefully you will when you take a moment to realize all that they really do for you.  Then you can give them the love and attention that they deserve.Your smile is one of the first things other people notice about you.  Not only does it add value

Ten Myths and a Fact about Cavities

14 Sep 20150

We've heard many tales and been given advice our whole lives on how to brush properly, what not to eat and in general, ways to keep the sugar bugs away.  But how much of that is truth and how much of that are old wives tales? See for yourself. 1. Only Sugar Causes Cavities This one is tricky.  Cavities are formed by bacteria in your mouth.  It is

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