Dr. Gary Cash May Update

It is our goal to stay in touch and provide useful information during this challenging time.

Our office is currently recommending postponing nearly all dental procedures at the time of this blog entry. However, home care is more essential than ever for dental health and overall health. Many of our patients have had oral hygiene recommendations BEYOND brushing twice a day and flossing such as prescription dental rinses, prescription toothpaste, GUM® Soft-Picks® and Waterpik. Dr. Cash and our team are committed to helping our patients maintain these recommendations even while staying at home!

If you are in need of these products, please reach out to our office. We are monitoring messages and responding to our patients. Our team will make delivery arrangements or contact-less pick-up arrangements to get our patients needed items to help maintain your dental health! In addition, if you have a scheduled appointment affected by our closure, our team will be reaching out to you to discuss a safe, healthy postponement or modification to your dental care!

Stay well!

-Dr. Cash and team.