Do I Need a Night Guard?

Night guards may help symptoms for some patients such as tooth/porcelain wear, muscle soreness and jaw joint tenderness (also known as TMJ). While night guards can sometimes help alleviate these symptoms, it does not correct the underlying cause. Often times the underlying cause may be treated by bite adjustments, dental restoration, orthodontics such as envisaging or a combination of those treatments.
Some patients may have neurological conditions that medicine (including dentistry) may be unable to correct. Some night guards are available over the counter. While some of these may help, patients often report the fit and longevity does not equal that of a night guard made by your dentist. Also, some designs of over-the-counter night guards can actually make symptoms worse or adversely affect your bite. When night guards are made at our office, impressions or scans are taken of your teeth and your night guard is custom made out of dental acrylic in a dental laboratory. On delivery of your night guard, Dr. Cash checks, and if necessary, carefully adjusts and
balances it to support your bite and jaw. Dr. Cash also suggests bringing your night guard to your re-care appointments to check it and have it professionally cleaned while your teeth are being cleaned. If you have questions about night guards our team would be happy to help you!