4 Tips for Cavity Prevention over the Holiday

Sweet treats, such as pies, chocolate, candy canes, and more are awaiting us this holiday season. That’s not a good sign for your oral or overall health as you might gain a new cavity in addition to a few pounds. Although delicious, sugary treats, are good at damaging teeth and gums. Here are a few ways to prevent cavities during the holiday season.

Reduce Sugar Intake
It may be simpler said than done, but to reduce your chance of cavities try to limit the number of sugary treats you eat during the holidays. To keep from overeating sugary treats at holiday parties, serve yourself a plate of treats with no intentions of refilling it.

Eat Dessert With Your Meal
Another alternative to reduce sugar-intake is to eat it with dinner. We tend to eat dessert after our dinner course out of habit. If you serve dessert with your meal, however, you are more likely to prevent sugar from lingering on your teeth and reducing plaque buildup.

Drink Water
Having a drink in hand is a simple way of rinsing away sugar from your teeth while you are snacking on sweet substances. Just make sure it’s water you’re drinking and not other sugary drinks like soda or juice.

Brush After Eating
Brushing your teeth after a meal is the most effective way to remove food particles and prevent cavities. It’s essential to wait for at least a half hour before brushing your teeth after a meal. The reason is because acids from the foods we eat soften the enamel of our teeth, making our teeth more sensitive and vulnerable. It’s best to wait until the enamel has hardened before brushing your teeth.

We know that the holidays are a difficult time to resist eating sweets, especially since so many of our friends and family members are also enjoying them. As long as you follow these tips, your dentist won’t find anything to worry about on your next visit. Don’t forget to schedule your next visit now, so that your smile will be ready for the holidays and the New Year!