The Cost of Dental Treatment

tooth $

Developing complications from tooth decay and gum disease may burden you with bills for fillings, crowns or possibly even more expensive procedures like root canals, oral surgeries, teeth extractions and dental implants. Dental Treatment costs vary depending on the location or the tooth and what is needed to resolve the problem.

Let’s compare. The cost of basic, preventative oral health is low. A toothbrush should be replaced every three months and you should see your dentist twice a year for a checkup and office cleaning. The price for tooth paste, floss and the like are nominal in comparison to extensive procedures.

It is less expensive to see the dentist regularly and practice good oral hygiene than to have to pay for pricey dental treatments because you did not practice those good habits in the first place.

Remember that most dental insurance plans cover at least one, usually two, checkups/cleanings per year at a small cost (or no cost) to you. Keep these appointments even if you are not experiencing dental problems at the time. Preventative care can save your pocketbook (and your smile) in the long run.