Senior Dental Exam

If you are over the age of 65 and heading for your next senior dental exam, be prepared for your dentist to take a lot of notes and history along with your regular checkup.

They are going to want to know things like:

  • The approximate date of your last dental visit and reason for the visit
  • If you have noticed any recent changes in your mouth
  • If you have noticed any loose or sensitive teeth
  • If you have noticed any difficulty tasting, chewing, or swallowing
  • If you have any pain, discomfort, sores, or bleeding in your mouth
  • If you have noticed any lumps, bumps, or swellings in your mouth

Your dentist may also check the following: your face and neck for skin marks or sores. Your bite to make sure your teeth are lining up correctly, your jaw for signs of any clicking or discomfort, your lymph nodes and salivary glands for signs of bumps or swelling, the inside of your cheeks for ulcers or infections, your soft and hard palates and gum tissue for signs of oral cancer and of course, your teeth, for decay or loose fillings or cracks.If you wear dentures or any other appliances, expect a few questions about how often you wear them. They will look for any irritation and check out the appliance itself. Seniors need just a little extra care in making sure their oral health is first rate. You can trust Dr. Cash and his staff to take the best care of you. Your family’s health is our priority!

(source: WebMD)

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