Exercise and Dental Health


Here’s some great news for all of you out there looking for an excuse not to exercise: It may put you at higher risk for dental problems!

No this isn’t a joke! A study from the University Hospital in Germany has shown that those who exercise extensively, such as triathletes, are at greater risk for tooth decay. The study shows that when you exercise, your body raises the alkalinity of your saliva, which leads to harmful bacteria, which can cause cavities. In fact, the risk went up with every hour of exercise. (source: Dentistry Today)

Now don’t get too excited. There wasn’t enough data to DEFINITIVELY say that exercise causes cavities. Remember that athletes may consume a lot of sugary sports drinks and protein products. But if the athlete takes good care of their gums and teeth, they should have nothing to worry about.

So, we’re sorry, it’s OK for you to get out there and exercise. Just remember to brush and floss!

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