Bridge the Gap with Dental Bridges

If you are missing teeth and want to improve your smile and self-confidence, a dental bridge may be the right choice for you.  Dental bridges not only restore your smile but can improve your life.  Bridges can make it easier to chew and speak.  They can even change the shape of your face and prevent you from having to endure orthodontia which will prevent other teeth from drifting into empty spaces.

There are different types of bridges and all have their own pros and cons.  An appointment with Dr. Cash can help you determine what choice is right for you.

Traditional Bridge/Porcelain Fixed Bridge – this type of appliance involves making a crown to cover the two teeth on their side of the missing tooth. An artificial tooth is then anchored in between.  In essence, you are getting three new teeth.  Traditional bridges can look very natural but do have the negative side of having to file down what may be two good teeth to anchor the crowns on their side.

Cantilever Bridge – this type of appliance is used only when there is only one tooth next to the empty space. This type of treatment is not used often anymore and is hard on the back of the mouth, causing damage to the surrounding teeth.

Maryland Bridge – this bridge is essentially glued to the back of your good teeth, anchoring an artificial tooth into the empty space. This bridge is very popular and has good results and a natural look.

All bridges are durable and can last for years to come.  If they need replacement due to normal wear and tear, the repairs are usually easy to accomplish.

Dr. Cash and his staff are ready to help you have the smile you’ve always wanted.  Your smile is your signature and you should never be ashamed or self-conscious of the way you look.  Give us a call and we can help you make the right choice in bridges and other cosmetic dentistry.

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