Stop Gingivitis before is starts

Gingivitis is the name of early gum disease. An infection of gums that surround the teeth, if it is left untreated it can progress into periodontitis which can cause tooth loss in adults. Sometimes Gingivitis is painless and people aren’t even aware that they have it. That’s why we want to spread the word and some ways to prevent this disease.

Plague is one of the leading culprits of gingivitis. It is a bacteria in your mouth that is sticky and builds up on your teeth if you don’t keep them clean. It can create toxins that damage your gums and, consequently, your teeth. Keep a close eye on your gums. If you notice red or inflamed gums, with or without bleeding, you may have Gingivitis.

The best way to try to combat Gingivitis is to try the following dental health routine:

Step 1 – Brush twice a day with a power toothbrush to help remove plaque.

Step 2 – Use toothpastes that contain fluoride, a powerful agent that helps combat the acid attack from plaque that builds up on teeth throughout the day.

Step 3 – Follow with a mouthwash that helps get those hard-to-reach places that plaque bacteria can hide in.

Step 4 – Finish your routine by flossing to help get in between teeth.

Step 5 – Don’t forget to visit your dentist regularly for a checkup and to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.


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