Dr. Cash on eHow.com

Recently, Dr. Cash had the opportunity to work with eHow.com on a series of videos. In each video his expertise was highlighted through demonstrations responding to frequently asked dental questions. Below is a link to each video and a brief description of the topic.

If you have any other questions that aren’t answered in these videos or on our website, please give us a call. We’d be happy to help!

Dental Health Nutritional Activities for Kindergarten

Dental health nutritional activities for kindergarteners include instilling positive experiences early on.


Teaching Kids About the Caused and Effects of Cavities

Teaching kids about the causes and effects of dental cavities is very important to do from an early age.


How to Whiten Really Yellow Teeth

Whitening really yellow teeth is something that you can do through a variety of bleaching systems.


How to Get Pearly White Teeth

Getting pearly white teeth is something that you can do by making sure that you’re using the right types of products.


Instructions for Using a Teeth Whitening Strip

When using teeth whitening strips, you always want to do so by following the directions.


How to Use an End Tuft Brush

Using an end tuft brush is something that you can do to keep very good oral hygiene.


Oral Hygiene Promotion for Preschoolers

Oral hygiene promotion for preschoolers is very important to prevent a fear of going to the dentist.


What Clothes Do Dentists Wear?

Dentists don’t wear clothes according to any type of predetermined regulation.


How to Use Paula’s Choice Teeth Whitener

Using Paula’s Choice teeth whitener is something that you can use as a touch up in between professional whitening sessions.


How to Turn Teeth White

Turning teeth white is something that you do little by little each day.


How to Explain How Cavities Develop to Preschoolers

Explaining how cavities develop to preschools is something that is easy to do with visual aids.


A Project to Do About Teeth for Kindergarten Children

A project to do about teeth for kindergarten children will help instill positive practices at an early age.


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